Architectural Services

What We Do

Site Design, Planning & Programming

Systematically evaluating the interrelated values, goals, facts, and needs of a client.

Architectural Design

Actively exploring solutions that insure a project’s structural integrity and durability, spatial functionality, “serving its purpose,” and fulfilling the function of the project, while creating an aesthetically and visually pleasing environment that will lift the spirits and promote healing and well-being.

Adaptive Reuse

Seeking to preserve and conserve through adaptive reuse of buildings of historical significance, thereby grounding the community.

Space Planning & Interior Design

Analyzing, in-depth, how people use space to live, work and play.
Furniture Design: Objects / tools by which people use space.
Signage & Wayfinding: Information systems that enhance people’s understanding and experience of the physical environment.
Lighting Design: Lighting systems design that includes the combination of natural / daylighting and artificial lighting to create a sense of place.

Sustainable Design

Seeking to reduce negative impacts on the environment, thus fostering wellness for the individual and the community.

Universal Design

Striving to make buildings accessible to people of all physical and cognitive abilities — to design for accessibility means to think inclusive design.

What We Deliver

Architectural Design & Drawings

The basic language of design, building, and architecture is visual. The drawing is the conduit, the vehicle, to communicate ideas amongst all participants. The drawing carries the weight and intent of the conversations and expectations of the client and the architect. Drawings are refined through all design phases to construction.

Project Management & Design-Build

When required we can bring our extensive field experience to oversee the construction process to prevent and mitigate issues, which includes closely tracking the costs during construction to stay within budget.
 We also offer architect-led design-build to manage your construction.

Operations / Start-Up

We work with the contractors, consultants, and the client’s staff to ensure a successful move-in.

Our Process

Starts with listening
listening to the client;
Each project is like a puzzle
fitting the pieces together
as a shared experience
participation — an exchange;
As the pieces of the puzzle
take shape — given form;
Pieces are carefully fitted together
to realize the desired goal.




I look at everything like it is a puzzle. A system of parts. Each project has a unique collection of pieces that when put together form a cohesive whole.

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